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The food and trash talking


Okey so the chicken and the corn were really burned which I love! Woop! I took too much tho – as usual 😧 I never learn. Haha! 3 small pieces of chicken, some potatosalad, 2 piece of corn and some fries. Tho my sister wanted an other piece of corn so I gave her mine. But the rest.. wow. I just managed to eat some of it. I’m still full and it was hours ago we ate. Um?

Coca Cola Zero and an beer (non alcohol) for me, tho I didn’t drink the whole bottle of coke myself 😂 so don’t think that! That would be so gross!

I also got my beautiful American flag up, tho I must move it because it’s to near/close to my Swedish flag! Haha! But my sister A was very kind and put it up for me on the wall while I ran over to my mom with her apartment key but I managed to get photos of her when she used the screwdriver 😂 not good tho. Her answer when I showed her the photo, “you could have told me that you were taking photos so I could stand straight and tighten my ass” and I burst into laugh. Like what?! Ah well!


Ofcourse, while the food was getting ready on the BBQ, my sister C was trashing Muslims and people with darker skin. Called me a “blackhead lover, n***** f*cker” Etc and I said straight out to her “Yes iam and if I find a man who is Muslim or have a different skincolor, Is not your God damn business!” She went all quiet. Like seriously?! Love doesn’t choose the skincolor etc. Ohmygod. Back off.


Oh I was supposed to do the laundry while my two sisters and mom was here but I skipped it and did it later because I knew, if I gave them opportunity to be alone, they would snoop around in my apartment and maybe find my hidden stash with France things! Oh btw, they are trashing and saying almost the same shit to me about France as they did when I told them that I was going to Algeria. Ohmygod 😡🖕


Like I said, I’m gonna move the American flag. Haha! It looks so weird from the other side 😡😧 ugh! Ah well, it’s only for this night. Haha!



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