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My go away makeup

Okey, so I have a lot of makeup. But I’m not happy. I want more 😂 The life of Emma Santorini – Welcome to it!

I took two photos with my mobile to show you guys my ‘going away makeup/bag’. I have to use TWO makeup bags. One for my little makeup and one for my brushes, Rouge, bronzer etc. Lol.


My little makeup bag has some cute details. I don’t know what it calls on english. Anyway, my go away makeup contains; foundation, eyeshadow, high lighter, 4 mascaras, 8 eyeliners, concealer, sponges, tweezer, primer, facial cream, eyebrows shadow & eyebrow liner and some more I don’t remember right now. Haha 😂 so sorry!

So that’s a little bit about my addiction, my secret and my makeup.

I hope you enjoyed it, please hit the like button and comment if you have a special makeup bag when you are going away somewhere – on a vacation, out to the clubs, go to a friend etc. I would really like to read it 😘


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