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Goodmorning ghosts 👻🌸


Goodmorning my little lovely ghosts! How are you all today? Oh i was so tired last night so I fell a sleep instantly.

My head is killing me still (haven’t written about that for a while because, everyday is painful with the headache and I don’t need to ‘nag’ about it.) And my throat, well it’s a little bit better because I’m drinking water now but it still hurts so bad!

So it’s Sunday today which means a ‘resting day’ but for me? Nope. Laundry is on my agenda today again! I know I know you all is probably wondering “how much laundry can Emma have?” Well to be honest, A LOT! Clothes is one of my love but I don’t use so much but I’m doing laundry for my mom and my sister too! Why? Because at my laundry place, I can do the laundry all night if I want to. I don’t have a specific time to catch. Even tho it says that I must be done at 10pm. Woops.. Haha!

Right now I’m sitting on the balcony and thinks about Lulabelle’s post about losing a loved one. I really appreciate that she told me about that post.
It made me think and wow, she was so right in that post so I will read it often just to remind myself that It will be hard someday but your life isn’t over just because you lost a loved one. So thank you Lulabelle 🌸

I’m soon gonna paint my face on, it feels like one of those days. But I will blog more later. Muwah!



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