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Goodmorning little ghosts 👻

Goodmorning lovelies and the ghosts 🤗 I’m gonna from now on call you ghosts because I like them and I like you! So ghost love for you 🤗😍 oops may sound weird but any how, I hope you all is having an amazing day or morning, or maybe evening/night! 😱 i don’t know ! But here in Sweden the sun is shining, I’m continuing the record and miracles of getting up earlier everyday. Today the time was 7.44am ugh! How luckily I fell a sleep for an hour so yeah.

I have been watching something the farmers invites kids and adults to every year here in Sweden ( I don’t know if you have it in your country) and that is when they let the cows run out from the barn to the fields. I saw it on TV and it made me miss my old house! Ugh. I lived neighbor with a farm. I miss that.

Today on my agenda it says ‘get sick!’ OK lovely.. my throat hurts like crazy and I’m freezing but have no fear, Emma is here and gonna do the crazy laundry for my sister M. Euwh. So that’s what I’m gonna do today, the laundry and MAYBE if I feel a little bit better I will go for a walk with Qis 😍 He had fever yesterday so I couldn’t go with him 😢 but maybe he is better today! Who knows 🤗

I will blog more later Lil ghosts 👻



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