2016 | Mad and Angry

To be honest (horrible story)

I knew my family was racist but my nephew took it to an whole new level. He was saying “wallah” and some other words so I asked him if he knew what wallah meant.. he said no. So I told him  that it meant “I swear”.

The next thing he said, straight out and loud made me so freaking mad so you guys have no idea. It fucking exploded in my head! I’m not gonna write what he said but it’s the most racist shit I have ever heard him say so I yelled at him, straight out “FOR FUCK SAKE G! I NEVER WANNA HEAR THAT FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT ONE MORE TIME” and more but I was so mad after what he said so I don’t remember everything.  But I don’t think I have never cursed SO MUCH in one breath or sentence before.

To be honest, I’m ashamed of my family. Ashamed of what they say. I don’t wanna be near them when we are in town or something.  Like.. damn! Their racist shit is so horrible that it’s like… I don’t wanna belong to my family. I love them, don’t get me wrong but in this case with this racist bullshit they say, it feels like I don’t belong to them nor don’t want to belong to them.

I hope you guys understand what I’m saying. I had to write this to get my irritation and anger out!

I tried to just let it go after I yelled at him, so I took a shower and tried to forget about it but I couldn’t.  So I felt I had to write here and hopefully it will leave my head now.



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