2016 | Photos

Disgusting ice cream


I have eaten this ice cream before and I loved it. But after not eating it for a very long time and after you started to be more healthy, this ice cream is tasting really disgusting. Haha 😧 it’s a good and a bad thing about it.  Lol! Ah well. I will make my own frozen ice cream this summer. No more store ice cream. 😃 wish me luck Habibis and Habibtis 💋

I’m off for a walk now with.. his name was not Hazil as I thought 😂 it’s Qis. Haha! It sounded like that when they pronouced he’s name first 😂 Shit how embarrassing! Ah well! It’s embarrassing but hey, life isn’t funny without things to be embarrassed off sometimes. My motto for.. this week? 😂 oh God I don’t know.



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