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My family doesn’t allow me 😭

Hey guys. Right now iam so sad and so angry. I was talking Arabic at mama’s place because my niece was there and wanted me to. And my mom said out straight “ARE YOU TALKING THAT GOD DAMN ARABIC!?” AND I said Yes iam. She responded to me “YOU ARE IN SWEDEN SO TALK SWEDISH FOR FUCK SAKE!” All my family members are the same. I’m not allowed to speak Arabic in my family. I’m allowed to speak Spanish but not Arabic.. what?!

I’m so mad, I just wanna cry. I mean, why not support me that I’m learning a new language instead of trying to bring me down? I’m glad to have supportive friends and they are like “how does the learning of Arabic going for you?” Etc. Thank you my beloved friends ❤


Sorry guys 😭 but I just had to write this a little fast. My sister and mama is next to me so I’m sneaking writing this.


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