2016 | vacation


Hey guys! How are you all today? I’m as the same so no need to write it again.

So I forgot to tell you guys yesterday about a plan/ a trip I’m gonna do in France! I will go with a dear dear friend of mine who lives there, to the Catacombs de Paris. Well if you don’t know what that is  I will not post a photo of that in my blog. Maybe later when I have been blogging for a longer time. Go on Google and search on images if u are curious 😀

Catacombs de Paris is a “museum” I think I can call it that m, not sure tho, with skeletons and everything. Creepy but sounds pretty cool right?! I can’t wait!

I love some creepy stuff but not so many. So see this is one of the things I can check off from my bucket list a and I’m very curious of how it looks like. Sure I can watch photos but I wanna see with my own two eyes! InshAllah!



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