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I have never ever liked a picture so much like this one. This one is my background on my phone. Iam big..well fat. And most people  (Note; 99.9%) of people is bullying me. And I’m not confidence enough but I’m working on it. And this picture with Kirsten Dunst and Rebel Wilson makes me feel so much better because it’s true. Fuck everyone who says any negative about you, your body or anyone.

             YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!
never let anyone say something else.


Big people gets married to. And one day I will find mine ❤

I hope you all understood what I meant in this post. I just really wanted to say, short and simple, I love this picture! ❤❤


2 thoughts on “This!

  1. There’s someone for each and every one of us out there, all we have to do is get our asses out the door and look for it. Some things need to be looked for in order to be found 😉 Check out my last blog post, it’s about body image and what some crazy people do through social media 🙂

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