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Goodmorning lovelies ♡
I hope you all are fine today! Iam except my head and that I have cried already. I don’t wanna say why I cried but all I can say is that I’m heartbroken. Anyway. . Right now I’m emptying my lovely phone so I can do a systemupdate because they finally have my emoji I have wanted for a very long time!

Empty my phone is taking a long time. I know I had used a lot of memory on my phone but never this much. Oops! Photo below ⬇ Haha!  😂 well I had over 3500 selfies so lol.. it’s a lot.  Haha but hey! I’m working on my confidence and yeah. And I’m a little bit of an ego 😉 heeeeeeeyyyyy!! Haha!


Oops ⬆ 😶

I will blog more when I have done the system update 😍 so be right back for a while. 💋



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