2016 | Hurricane in my head · 2016 | Mad and Angry

Pissed off!

Oh God!  Iam so mad that I have to write my anger out! 😡😡😡 may Allah and God help me!


A friend of my so called sister J was helping her husband yesterday at dad’s apartment together with my other two sisters C & M. And I just found out that this “friend” hitted / abused my sister M yesterday so hard that it went black in front of her eyes and she almost passed out. OH LORD AND ALLAH HELP ME!

I may trash my family and write my anger here but God damn if someone touches any of my family members.

I wrote this on instagram together with the photo above

SERIOUSLY! WATCH YOUR BACK ASSHOLE! No one and I mean NO ONE hits or abuse my sister like that without getting shit back! When I see your face, Lord and Allah help me 😡 you’re dead! I may trash my family but God damn if someone touches my family! SAY YOUR LAST PRAYER!

I may sound dangerous and hateful right now but I have been raised that if someone raise their hands or hits any of my family members, oh lord help me. 😡 we hit back! Even tho fight isn’t a solve for the solutions but damn if someone lays their hands on anyone.

Sorry about this post but I can’t do anything right now except for writing but trust me, the day I see his face. That day is the day when he wishes he never did what he did! 😡😡😡😡



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