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Hey guys! What’s up with you? I’m have a massive headache and I just read the papers of the side effects of the new medicine I got from the doctors for my headache that doesn’t work and hell no I’m not gonna continue taking them! Forget it! There is a high risk to get problems with your kidneys and heart. It “might” cause a heartattack and give you a stroke so I was like “HELL NO I’M NOT TAKING THEM ANYMORE! ” And threw the pills and it’s can on the side and took a regular painkiller even tho that doesn’t work but I rather take those than taking pills that can cause stroke and heartattack! Pffh.

Anyway I’m finally home from my mom. We watched a crazy movie on the TV that was supposed to be a comedy but I didn’t laugh once and neither did mom. So it pretty much sucked!  But now when I’m home, I finally have WiFi so I’m gonna upload a video clip of the “celebration” from today which was a failure.



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