2016 | Photos

My mood..apparently

Okey so i got a sweet and lovely comment about the post on mood rings and I feel that I wanted to try it and see what color iam now. But it shows brown and I was like “WHAT?!”


Lol I bought this ring when I was 12.. it’s 14 years ago and my fingers are more fat now 😂 I can have it down on the finger but it got stuck so I had to take an other photo 😂 MISS FAT FINGERS 😂

Brown but according to the photo I posted I went for yellow. Hm. And according to that post iam Distracted and ambitious. . Que?

Lol I will post photos from time to time to see what my aura or mood says. Lol 😂

Take care and Peace ✌
Muwah 💋


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