2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos}

Do you guys know the girl…

.. Who never can take any serious photos? 📷 Well that girl is me! When I take selfies, i can take like ten serious photos that looks good but then I change and take some goofy photos! ALWAYS with my tounge out. I don’t know why tho 😂


Apparently my eyes decided to be green at this moment. PLEASE EYES! Can you make up your God damn mind and stick with one color and not change? 😡

And when I record a video.. wow.. no point 😂 I always do goofy faces instead of doing some serious or talk on it. I always get nervous when I’m gonna talk that’s why I speed them up Haha!

I’m gonna try record some serious videos or make animations. Haha! Let’s see how that goes!

Take care and Peace ✌
Muwah 💋


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