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2am and laundry

Ugh! It’s 2am and I’m still doing laundry because me, clumsy ass fell asleep while it did its job so it a little bit behind 😡 but hopefully I will done soon.

I hate doing laundry at night because the laundry room is in a separate building and you have to walk outside.. and it’s all woods around where I live and I have seen a lynx/bobcat once and a wolf so I’m pretty scared. Also when I hear some freaking noise! Shit I almost shit my pants when I hear them 😂😭 but I have to grow up and face my fear. Ugh!


One thought on “2am and laundry

  1. Rovdjur är nog mer rädda för dig än vad du är för dem. Sen om du skulle möta dem så är det bara att stå still och vara avslappnad. Älskar rovdjur. ♥

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