2016 | Media


Lol Okey so I found a Web page earlier. I don’t remember it now 😭 BUT HAVE NO FEAR! Emma is here and gonna save your day because I’m gonna search for it again!

Anyway I did some pics of me as a Powerpuff girl.. and I know I don’t have red hair but the brown looked so bad so I chosed the red color. So here we go!


Me with a camera and a lovely pair of shades. The reason why I chosed that jacket is because I was supposed to get my daddy’s jacket who looked the same but we couldn’t find it anywhere 😢💔 so I have to be good with this instead.


I have no idea why tho but I’m always dressing in black and I have black shades so maybe that’s why? Hm


Oh God. This is supposed to be me and I think I did this one to “show” how my eyes feel like when I’m mad and how I always escape to the music.


Omg this is a copy of me except that I don’t have bangs. But I always is standing in this position when I’m irritated or mad. I don’t know why tho but yeah. Black clothes, white shoes and a pissy face 😂😈


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