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Oh no! Cheating!

I wrote before that I’m starting my healthy life. But to be honest, it hasn’t worked out so good. I’m so stressed out and have so much problems etc that I have turned into a Coca Cola zero addict. Well I don’t  drink everyday but more often then when I did two months ago. And I feel so ashamed of it. But the positive side of it is that I’m losing weight and my bloodsugar is good because it’s no sugar in it! Booyah! 💪

I’m trying tho. And that’d always something. I really wanna loose weight . So I’m trying on the same time as I’m going to the gym and workout (Yup I go to the gym even with my headache but I’m not pushing myself like I used to). Like I said, I’m a Santorini and I never give up even tho it feels like I want to. Headache won’t stop me even tho I literally cries almost every step I take.

But today (April 27) my headache has been pretty OK.  *Pepper pepper knocks on wood* and hopefully it continues like that from now on. I’m really tired of this now.

Muwah 💋


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