2016 | Info list

Are you..

I love filling out all type of lists that is around on the Internet.  And I found one that I thought I could share and answer. So here we go with part #1 😊

Are you psychic in any way? Yes
Are you a good dancer? Lol no
Are you a good singer? I was..until I started smoking
Are you a good cook? I think so..
Are you a good artist? Nope
Are you a good listener? Yes
Are you a good public speaker? Hell no! I get super nervous and I can’t talk. Not even when I was in school. Nope
Are you a good babysitter? Yeah. Give them candy and they take care of themselves 😂 just kidding. Yes iam
Are you a good mechanic? Yes! When it comes to attractions (those on carnivals etc) and cars.
Are you a good employee? Yes?
Are you a good dresser? Lol what? If you mean that I’m good by picking out outfits for myself then no. I go in all black. Love it tho.
Are you a good swimmer? Nope.
Are you a good skier? Haha no
Are you a good lover? I’m the queen of it 😂👑 just kidding. I’m good? No one has complained so.
Are you a good musician? No I can’t read notes.
Are you a good comedian? I’m hilarious! Just ask my bestfriend!
Are you a good cleaner? No.. but I’m good enough.
Are you a good actor? Where is my Oscar’s? 😒 😂
Are you a good writer? No. Never been.

Are you scared of flying? I have never been on a plane to be honest.
Are you reliable? Yes
Are you proud of yourself? No
Are you much of a gambler? I don’t gamble.
Are you much of a daredevil? Yes. I’m the only one in my family who tries things etc.
Are you a good liar? I don’t lie. Except when I have to.
Are you a good judge of character? Sometimes iam
Are you any good at charades? Never played it
Are you left or right handed? I’m both. But I write and use the fork in my left but I can write with both. Well I can eat with the right too.
Are you scared of spiders? No I love them! I wanna have a big birdspider or one of those massive big ones with hair all over. 😍 so cute!
Are you a clean or messy person? Kind of a mix to be honest.
Are you a bad loser? I don’t think so
Are you a hat person? No! No hats on my hair!
Are you good at keeping secrets? Yup
Are you a gossip? Girl? Nah I wish. Ugh that dude (who is with Blair) is so freaking hot!
Are you scared of thunderstorms? No but I hate when the lightning is right above your roof and it sounds right after. Ugh!
Are you a good aim with a rubber band? Yes!
Are you introvert or extrovert? Que?
Are you a valuable asset on a Pub Quiz team? What?!
Are you pretty devious? No

Are you any good at giving massages? Yes!
Are you scared of the dark? Sometimes.
Are you related or distantly related to anyone famous? Yes
Are you any good at egg and spoon races? Lol I have never tried that game! We don’t do that in Sweden 😂
Are you allergic to anything? Yes, black current or how it spells.
Are you ticklish? Yes and if u tickle me, iam not responsible for your injuries
Are you tired of answering questions yet? No 😄
Are you the sort to step in and try to break up a fight? Always. No matter what gender or age
Are you a giver or a receiver? Both. I think.
Are you scared of needles? Yes but still iam a blood doner. . How? 😂
Are you the kind of friend you’d want to have as a friend yourself? No. I’m 2 insane and crazy.
Are your ears lobed or attached? Dude.. what? 😂 I don’t get it. #myheadisworkingslowatthemoment
Are you proud, comfortable or ashamed of your body? Ashamed
Are you much of an adventurer? Yus!


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