2016 | Photos

I found this

In my closet.  Okey so I made my bed again last night. I changed the whole damn thing and when I went through to see what I have (I have so many different to the blankets so I don’t remember everyone), I saw this and I was like “I MUST HAVE THIS!” I don’t know why. But it’s really comfortable and it’s pink. But it’s barbie 😡 why barbie? Ugh!  Ah well. It’s me we are talking about. I don’t care. But I’m gonna wash it today (and change my bed again!) and give it to my niece instead. Lol 25 and have barbie in bed? Please 😂


It’s cute but not my style. Damn. I thought it was pink with cute flowers. Till I saw it on my bed. Damn!


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