2016 | Photos

A gift ♡

Yesterday when I was babysitting my monster for two hours, my little nephew G came up to me and said “Emma I have a gift for you” and I have always said to all the kids “Don’t buy me anything. Save your money instead” So I told him that he don’t have to buy me things. But he said that he really wanted to give this to me because he knew how much I like them (Yes I like them and iam not ashamed of it)

He had bought me a cd with Spice Girls, with his own money and he was so happy when he gave it to me. I hugged him and said thank you so much and he was so happy! My little prince ❤ 


I’m listening to it right now and screams along with the songs. I think my neighbor is mad but I don’t care. I love Spice Girls and I’m not ashamed of saying that! 😂

Thank you my prince for this cd ❤


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