2016 | Friends

When your friend..

I have been thinking a little about my best friend Elin  (her blog here) today. And we are celebrating ten years as friends this year so I’m gonna make a list Whats good and bad with her. HAHA!

• She’s an amazing friend
• When ever you need a laugh, you can always count on her
• You can always count on her no matter what
• She’s an amazing singer but she needs to open her God damn eyes and ears to understand it
• She’s an amazing person, very kind hearted and sweet.
• Her mind is out of controll. You can ask her about one thing and she will give you the whole life history about that one thing.
• She’s very caring ♡
• No matter how bad she feels, she is always there for you.
• Her laugh is contagious
• She’s has some amazing dreams and goals that she wanna pursue and I’m supporting her 10000%
• She know what she wants
• When she is mad, do not try to stop her. Make her smile.instead and she will be this happy person again ☺
• She’s very supportive when it comes to new things or dreams you have
• She is an amazing photographer
• She is an amazing aunt who wanna teach her nieces so many things and that makes me happy because I’m the same with my kids
• You can always insult her (ONLY ME!  NOT YOU OR ANYONE!) and both end up laughing.
• She’s always down to do anything except when it comes to her problems. Which iam not telling except the OCD part.
• She has so much respect for others but don’t have it for herself
• She always put other people first and she always comes last (it’s a good AND a bad thing)
• She never asks for anything
• She cares so much about the planet, nature and all that.
• She would totally rock the asses of the people she would having a debate with
• She always listen when you need to complain about anything or when you wanna tell her something amazing or just wanna tell her Whats going on in your head
• She gets pissed off when I don’t listen to her advices or when she wants me to call the doctors etc.  But that’s bc she cares ♡
• She’s an non alcohol drinker just like me ! Yay!

I have so much more that is good about her but I would have to write a freaking novel for you guys 😄

• She talks freaking baby sounds with her cat. That pisses me off so much!
• She is a freak when it comes to washing hands etc (lol she has OCD 😀 )
• Her hand writing is still so small after ten years, so the ants is the only ones who can read what she is writing
• Her lovely mind. Sometimes you get kinda scared of what goes around in her mind.
• I have destroyed this shy person as she once was and now she’s crazy like me. And that’s bad because I’m supposed to be the crazy one! 😂
• Her snapchat addiction. Wow. More worse than me. Lol!
• Her music taste. Oh lord. Me and her are so different. She likes k/j/c/THE REST OF THE ALPHABET pop music and I’m not. Lol HOW DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND IT? 😂
• She snores… 😂😂
• I wouldn’t wanna see her loose a debate 😨
• She never listen to her own advices 😡 even when they are really good!
• Her love for cats.. it’s both good and bad because it’s good that she loves them and wanna rescue as many as possible but she always says that she will end up as a crazy cat lady and that makes me sad
• Her fashion.. wow. I  need FAB 5’s help with this girl!

Oh I can’t think of more right now 😨😱 😂 but stay tuned as I will post more juicy secrets and stuff about her!


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