2016 | Hurricane in my head · 2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos}

A woman can do more than one thing

Hello! So the headline, well many people say that women can’t do more than one thing at the time. Well that doesn’t fit me.  I was bored so I did my makeup (it’s over 8pm in Sweden) while I was on snapchat, Instagram,  talking on the phone, smoked and had music on in the background. So I must be a freaken mutant for being able to do all that at once? Lol! Well I have done it many times so I have practiced it a little 😂


You guys can Imagen putting mascara and eyeliner on while being on the phone (speakers),  singing along with the music and try to fix my face.

I still need to brush my hair so I can look good on photos 😂 I only do makeup this late when I’m bored and wanna take new selfies! #iamweirdiknow Haha! 


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