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Yay they are here!

One of the orders of the books is here! I have them in my hands! I have eyed in them and my face is literally > 😱 < and all I'm saying is "HOW?!"


So happy to have the books in my hands! But how am I gonna be able to learn how to talk from the writing on arabic?! HOW?! Oh what have I got myself into? I just wanted to learn how to talk and pronounce words and sentences, not how to write! The plan for me was that I would learn that later 😱


I mean.. HOW?! this is just the Alphabet pages! Oh no I can see and feel how I’m gonna fail on this 😭

Wish me luck lovelies!

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10 thoughts on “Yay they are here!

  1. I felt the same way when my husband was trying to encourage me to read and write. But actually I’ve found that having a really strong understanding aurally, orally, and optically (am I making up words??) of the alphabet makes a huge difference to my pronunciation, as I’m not constantly translating the sounds to the English alphabet. Remember – everything seems impossible until it’s done!

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    1. Oh thank you! Lol I don’t know if u made up those words 😱 I’m not so good at english 😦

      Oh maybe I should learn the Alphabet so how to talk will be easier? Oh but how will I ever able to listen how the Alphabet sounds like 😦



      1. Have you heard of Learn Arabic with Maha? Here’s a link http://youtu.be/2RcgfyuBlz8
        She’s really useful, although I do find her a bit hard to follow. If there was a way to get sound bites to you I would totally send you recordings of any pronunciation you’re struggling with (yay for Arab husband lol). Learning the alphabet is very very important. It stops me from pronouncing the hard H (ح) like ‘kh’, (AHmed, not Akhmed) for example. Also it means you can start learning words independently. Are you taking a course? X

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      2. Oh that would be great! No I’m learning by myself. I wanna learn how to speak a regular conversation and say positive things you know. Sorry for answering so strange 😦

        Thanks for the link tho! I will check it out when my nephew is asleep!


      3. Learning by yourself is WAY hard, so don’t be too tough on yourself. Try watching Arabic movies with subtitles to get a feeling for the sounds and rhythms of speech. There’s plenty on YouTube. Also listen to songs, it’s a really relaxing way to pick up words. This is one of my favourites right now – http://youtu.be/1TgraYKC6EM
        You didn’t answer strangely at all. Also, referring to your previous comment – your English is great x

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      4. Generally if you’re respectful of others they will be respectful of you. I’m sure you won’t have any problems in Algeria, just like I don’t in Jordan. Sounds like a great trip. I bet you’re looking forward to it! X

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      5. Yeah iam! Iam really looking forward to it. I’m meeting a dear friend of mine. I have known him for nine years!

        Yeah I just wish my family could respect everyone and especially Muslims 😯 I defend the Muslims ever day and my family pisses me off so much. Saying all the horrible things that’s gonna happen to me when I go there etc 😢



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