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Still very bad

Hey guys! So like I wrote last night, I went straight to bed. I fell asleep pretty fast but I have been waking up so many times. Everything was planned that I was supposed to stay home and babysit the monster so I got up this morning and began to get ready even tho I didn’t feel good. But family is family and they comes first. While I was getting ready my sister rang…again. and said that I must go to the town with A because monster is sick with high fever. Alright, I said and continued to get ready.  20 minutes later she called.. for a 3rd time and said that we aren’t going. What?! So after the call I went back to bed (around 8am) and slept till 1pm. I have eaten breakfast because my bloodsugar is low. But now iam in bed again. Ready to sleep.

I wonder what this is. . What kind of sickness it is… ugh. I will take a little nap and blog more later.

Snapchat; emmasantorini
Instagram; littlemissemma


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