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I found a photo on my phone (my memory is very weird right now) and I saw that I took a photo of our dinner last night.  A nice and quiet dinner with my three sisters only! I haven’t eaten a pizza since.. I don’t remember. It’s haram for me because I’m losing weight before my trip to Algeria. But last night we all decided to have a “pizza party” at daddy’s apartment. It’s probably the last food me and my two sisters eat there so it feels Okey this time.


Haram means forbidden on arabic.
And junk food etc is really haram for me. And it’s so hard. I’m not gonna lie. But I’m still craving (omg why didn’t I take that from mama’s place when I was there 😡 stupid me!) Pizza salad! Ugh it’s scary delicious and I’m kinda addicted to it! Lol! Must try walk over to mama’s place later or I take it tomorrow.  Ugh. We’ll see what happens.

Snapchat; emmasantorini
Instagram; littlemissemma


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