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A piece of a broken heart


My beloved father’s two things that I’m keeping close to my broken heart. His damn ugly hat and his glasses.

I miss you Dad. You made me cry rivers when I wore your hat just a few minutes ago. I started instantly cry when I putted it on my head. I was so happy when I saw it in the box. I screamed out loud and made some stupid applauds. But when it came on my head, my mood changed instantly.

Dad, I miss your arms. I wish I could run up into your arms and just cry. Never let you go. Never let go of your arms. Dad I miss your smile and laugh. I miss the jokes we always did. I miss our thing! Our special thing you did with me.

I will see you up there when it is my turn. Promise me to keep a spot right next to you so I can hold onto your pinky finger as I did when I was younger. Do you remember that? You never wanted to hold the whole hand. I had to hold you in your pinky but it didn’t matter to me. It was our thing when I grew up and later it became the other thing.

My pinky will meet your pinky one day. Not now. But one day ❤


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