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Girls, you know this problem

Ladies, what you are about to read, fits into some ladies out there in the world. The makeup place! So I gotta be honest, I clean my drawer three times a week. When you fix your face to look good you just throw the things back. Okey you don’t throw it but you don’t put the things back into their places. At least that’s me. But I clean it often. And today I had one of those moments. I wish I could show you the before photo but I forgot to take one. I cleaned it while I spoke on the phone. But I took an after photo and I gotta say that iam a little bit proud of myself because I found new solutions to organize my makeup. Lol you will see on the photo what I mean. 

My apartment is so small that I can’t have a special desk with this amazing light mirror. *sigh* but I wish tho and  will keep on wishing for it until I have it. Lol! / so some of my makeup is in a drawer in the kitchen. I always do my makeup there so why not? Lol.


I need to buy more makeup tho. Why? Because a girl can never have too much makeup! No just kidding. I need new blusher, eyeliners and more things. 😨 holy cow! Haha. Yes iam addicted to makeup. Even if I’m just gonna be home for a day, I must put Makeup on 😂 it’s crazy how it is. But sometimes I can go to the town and be like “Hello, I have had some really rough seven years”. I don’t know if you guys have that expression but in Sweden we do. It means that you have massive dark circles and yeah. You look like a walking zombie. But hey, at least I can now show my face in public without makeup. 😂 before I never went outside (not even to get the mails) without eyeliner and mascara and all that stuff.

how addictive is makeup or you?

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