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Decibelle ❤

Okey so yesterday (monday) I drank an energy drink which was a huge mistake. I have drinken it before so yeah. Anyway, I drank a little out of the can. Started to shake like crazy after a few minutes. I thought it was my bloodsugar who was either too high or to low. So I hurried up and took my medicines and waited a few. And I was like “I will make food and maybe that will help” But nooooooo it didn’t. So I called my mom because she has diabetes too and she was like “you gotta come over so we can use the needle in your finger (I don’t know what it calls) and check your bloodsugar!” And I was like “Naahh” I really hate those things but my mom said that if it’s to low I can fall into a coma (my dad almost did that once) and yeah. So I told her that I think it’s after the energy drink and she said that it’s a tabu for us with diabetes.. no shit? Like I didn’t know that. But it’s so freaking good and I have drinken it just a few days ago? Anyways. So I told my mom that I will call my brother and ask if he wants them. Because he drinks energy drinks a lot.  And off I went to him and the first thing I see when I opened the door was my little baby boo Decibelle ❤ she smiled like the sun! So cute! So even with my freaking shakes and headache, I stayed for a while and I recorded Deci a little. But I will show you a small clip of Deci when she was playing. I have uploaded it on instagram with the caption “Decibelle is abusing this thing 😂 ” I don’t know what the sound thingy calls! Lol.

-something is wrong. Video is uploaded on ig-

My baby boo ❤

Snapchat; emmasantorini
Instagram; littlemissemma


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