2016 | Info list


Ok so I am this type of a person, type of a girl who has a lot of dreams and things I want to do before I leave my place here for my place up there (next to my father – Rest in Peace ❤)

So I decided to do a small list of few things I wanna do before THAT time is here. And I will also write why. Lol its gonna be fun to look back at this one day and say “done that..check!” Etc. One day! Wallah! 😁


Go skydiving and jump bungee jump
I don’t really know why. But it has always been two things I want to do. I have promised myself that the day I turn 30, I will go either skydiving or jump bungee. It depends if I haven’t done one of those things. Lol
meet Britney Spears
Okey,  so this might sound weird for you guys. “But she listen to rock/sleeze/glam rock etc” . Well yeah I do but I have always been a fan of Britney since 1999 when I heard her song “Baby one more time!” On the radio. What if you actually met her? What would you say and react? WELL to be honest, I probably would start cry or pass out. Or both. Be nervous like crazy and shake like a leaf. I don’t really know. I probably would be so goofy and shy. I don’t know. If that would ever happen, I promise that I will tell you guys EVERYTHING!
Get married on a beach in Greece
To be honest, ever since I was 8 years old, I have known how my wedding and wedding day will look and be. I’m not gonna tell everything but a few things is that I wanna get married on a beach in Greece during sunsets and have a massive party and dinner at the beach. Sounds crazy? Then it’s perfect for me. And I always will not have a white dress. Nope!
Live somewhere else
Okey, so don’t get me wrong. I “like” Sweden. Well I do. I have a love/hate thing for Sweden. But iam in my late 20s and I wanna explore and see new amazing things. And I have always wanted to move from Sweden. Move to a country where the palm trees are and heat. Amazing sunsets and beautiful nature.. so I can take loads and loads and loads of photos. Lol.
Visit these countries
Greece – well.. because it’s beautiful.
Australia – the marina, kangaroos, the snakes and spiders {♡} and so much more. 
Italy – I don’t know why. I just wanna go there
Morocco – the culture and everything.
Algeria – Hopefully I will go there in October. InshAllah. How it looks like right now.. I have no idea..
America – always been a dream of mine to go there. I don’t wanna go to Los Angeles. I wanna go to New York. .on new years! And go to Las Vegas. Oh sounds so amazing!
Spain – since I started learning Spanish  (in 7th grade) I have always wanted to go there. And when ● told me before that I should visit a place (● lived in Spain before) which I can’t remember now 😧 because it was really beautiful. I became curious. So maybe one day hah?
Finland – hey.. I wanna meet the real Santa Claus OK?  😂

Okey so this was a short list of some of my dreams. I will post every now and then with random posts like this. Just to ‘get to know’ myself. Because I don’t really think of my future, dreams and goals. I had my trip on focus and it was the thing that kept me motivated. I’m still having the countdown and I will continue to work my ass off, fix everything that I need etc just in case I’m going. Right now? ? I have no idea
But hey, if I’m not going to Algeria this October,  I can go an other time and I already have a backup plan just in case! 

Me and my bestfriend is celebrating TEN years. Ten long and f*cked up years. Yes I curse. And to show her (I have already told her and I’m forcing her) how much she means to me – and we both need a long freaking vacation – I’m taking her to either Spain or France. I was talking about Spain the whole time but I wanna visit France and Disney land or if it is world there with her. Wallah! One day! 😄

Oops I just drifted away from the post but now iam back and I’m gonna wrap this post up and I will write more later.



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