2016 | video

In the middle of the night..

.. you can have so much fun with a few things. 1. Your cellphone/mobile 2. Snapchat 3. Imagination 4. Good humor 5. Laugh

So this night, my head was killing me and I couldn’t sleep so I went up and sat down in the kitchen. After a while I was so bored and I was so tired that the tears fell. But I knew that I wasn’t gonna be able to sleep yet, so I grabbed my mobile, opened up snapchat and started to record some videos which I later speeded up. And wow even tho my head was killing me, I couldn’t hold myself from laughing. And now (12 ish pm) I have to face the bad side of it. I’m in bed and my head is.. wow. I snapped Habibti and told her to check my Instagram bc I was uploading a clip I recorded where I’m laughing. So funny. And her response was “how tired are you? ” pssssshhh I’m not tired. My head is being a bitch that’s all. Haha!

I will post more videos later but right now I will show you guys some funny laughs I did

Snapchat; emmasantorini
Instagram; littlemissemma


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