2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos}

When you’re bored. .


So it’s around 10.50pm here in Sweden and I’m lying in bed with full makeup on my face. I have been so bored lately (the only thing that entertain me is my lovely headache) so I went on snapchat – 1. Got a big surprise that a guy who is kinda famous has added me there. Woop! 2. Took photos of myself 3. Recorded some video clips where I listen to music. But on low bc of the headache. 3. Tried the weird filters they had but I really like the alien black eyes. Lol don’t ask me why. I will post a photo later 😂

But I have been cleaning all freaking day today. Kitchen is shining, bathroom too and also the hallway & bedroom. Now is it only the living room left. I need to get more moving boxes so I can pack down things I don’t use and things I can throw away or donate to someone. But it feels amazing to have done something today. Even with the crazy headache. Yup I’m nagging about it but you guys .. wow. I would never wish my worse enemy this! It’s a living hell and I’m constantly exhausted from it. Ah well. I’m kinda use to it now. So if it leaves, I think it will feel so weird. Lol. But I cross my fingers that it leaves soon! I’m tired of it! Ugh. I seriously have no normal life when I have it. I have to wear sunglasses everywhere. Even inside
Yesterday when I went to the middle of Sweden, it was an hell for me. Imagen jumpy roads, loud people, bright light, almost cried for each step you take. It was horrible.

Oh sorry. I didn’t mean to write a such a negative post 😯 so sorry.

I will blog more in a while.  Well fix posts that will update while I’m sleeping. If I get any sleep. Hopefully! 

Snapchat; emmasantorini
Instagram; littlemissemma

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