2016 | Friends

To Habibti ❤

This post is hopefully a boost and an eyeopener for my bestfriend. Hopefully it will help u a little to feel better ❤

I have this amazing friend, E,  whom I have known for ten years. Ten freaking long years! It’s crazy. Anyway, when I met her, she was this quiet girl who sat alone on Spanish class. And for me who has been bullied for all my life, hate seeing people sit alone so I went up to her and asked if I could sit next to her. “Sure what ever” she said so I sat down and started to joke with her. She had this amazing and beautiful long hair, which she tried to use and cover her face up and the Notepad she wrote on. I  said to her “Damn.  Your handwriting is so small that only the ants will be able to read it”. She laughed and from that day we became best friends.

Now years later, I have witnessed her feeling really bad and sometimes happy.  I can feel and know when she is depressed and feeling bad. I know her weak spots so I use them to make her laugh. What I meant with weak spots is that I know how to make her laugh. And it works.

They say that if a friendship has lasted for ten years, it will last for a life time. I know that Habibti and I will be friends for ever. And that we will have each other’s back.

Right now she has so much problems in her life, money issues and family health. I wish I could just take all those problems away from her and her family. I really wish. Sometimes I wish I could be God and just take all the negativity away from people. But I can’t.

I have promised her, because she has so much money problems, I have promised her that from the bottom off my heart, I will help her as much as I can. And I have always said to her “Habibti, I got your back” and that is a promise that I will keep. She means the world to me. Without her, I wouldn’t be here. During the years we have been best friends, she have witnessed my depressions such as harming myself etc. And that she always been here for me had helped me so much on the recovery back to my life. Today I’m free from depressions, sure I can have bad days but iam 100% free from depressions. And I’m trying so hard to help E with the same. How I overcame my depressions and by helping her to laugh and help her with some of her problems might help. I don’t know. But iam not giving up on her.

I love her to much to let go of her. To see her feeling so down and have all these problems hurts me so bad. She was there for me during my dark times and I have been there for her. Now it’s my turn to really step up and show her what kind of person and friend iam. Because I don’t wanna lose her, never in a million years.

I love you Habibti and don’t you ever forget that. 10 years will be a life time. A life time will be in heaven when we are angels. Playing pranks on God and the other angels. E, it’s you and me against the world and I’m always here for you. No matter what. Sisters for life and misters comes later.

Muwah 💋❤


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