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Interesting headline. (Dreams etc)

Yup it was a very interesting headline. Lol not really. My head is so slow at the moment because I just woke up with the doorbell rang. And let me tell you, it wasn’t lovely for my head. My nephew woke me up from one of the best dreams ever! Well I have had many amazing dreams but it was a long time ago I had one since last. And he woke me up from this one?! Oh no! I wish I could write and tell you guys what it was but I’m a believer of dreams and all that stuff. So I will keep my mouth shut and maybe the dream will come true *cross my fingers* 😄😍 yes iam very weird. I’m fully aware of that. Haha!


Today on my schedule it says cleaning (it’s Saturday.  Clean day! ) and the gym. But I have to skip the gym for now because of my lovely and massive headache. So I will stay home and clean carefully and maybe borrow my little monster from my sister and go for a walk in the rain ❤ I love the rain so it’s all good for me. Hopefully I can borrow him 😮 or I will be very sad.

The reason why I’m calling my nephew a monster is because he was born on my absolute favorite holiday – Halloween – so I have told all my sisters and my nieces and my big nephew to not.call him that. Because that’s my nickname for him. Haha. He always smiles when I say monster to him so I know that, that’s our thing ❤

I only have this clip on my phone right now. But I will record more clips when I call him monster ❤


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