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Cranky woman


The photo has nothing to so with the post but i love raccoons and i just had to share this photo. Snapchat had a filter some days ago and i loved it!

One thing that really makes me irritated and mad is my lovely neighbor who always complains on me. No matter what! She complains that I talk on the phone so much, that I’m listening to music, that I make so much noises – which I’m not! – and so much more. Everyday is a new thing. I haven’t been outside my door yet but yesterday when I came home from visiting my mom, she opened up her door and said “WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS DRESSING IN BLACK? WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS WEARING SO LITTLE CLOTHES?” And I was like “excuse me?”. She also complained once again that I make so much noises and stuff in my apartment and when I’m going to bed – every night she heard a sound.. excuse me.. I live here too?

For real! Every time I move in my apartment she’s always banging the wall! Like what? To be honest, I feel like a prisoner in my own apartment. With a hag to the boss. It really makes me sad and mad because this is my first apartment and she has from the beginning complained. Ever since I moved into it.

Everyone I tell about this to gets so mad at her and everyone says the same thing “Is she standing with a glass against her ear and listen to you through the wall?” Well I’m starting to think that.

She complains about to much. If I sit in the sun, if I’m having my nieces and nephew over – WHICH she has complained to the landlord so they aren’t allowed to visit me! -. She also complains when my sisters and mom is here and we are having a BBQ. Or when my mom smoked before, we always sat outside and smoked, she complained about the smoke. And when we all sit outside and talk.. wow.  She’s really nuts! She always say that she is so sound sensitive. Well lady, move out to a house in the woods. There it will be all quiet.  But I bet you would complain on the owls and other animals! Poor them.

Sorry for this post but iam so angry because since I woke up.. she has already banged the wall FIVE TIMES!And I just had breakfast! 😧

Thanks for reading this and please, share your opinions.



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