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Staying healthy


Oh wow! It’s really hard for me to stay 100% healthy. Lol I have always been a sugar addict and now I’m trying to both quit smoking AND quit the sugar! It’s rough but I can do this! I’m a viking from Scandinavia 💪 if I can handle -45°C in the winters, I surely can handle this! Haha!

I made some lemon water. Sour but tasty. Just the way I like it! 🍋❤

I was about to cook dinner but realized that I don’t have all the ingredients 😭 so now I have to make something else. And what I can see in my fridge.. it ain’t healthy food. But hey, I must eat the food who’s there so I can buy new and healthy food! Hello fitness and workouts! 💪 let’s do this!



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