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Sad day

Today is a very sad day for me. Writing this and crying on the same time isn’t the easiest thing ever.

One month ago, March 12th, I lost my beloved father. My dad who once was the dude who joked with me so much. I miss our special thing daddy. I miss getting the bye kiss from you when we were going on separate ways. I miss being in your arms and just feel safe. Dad, without you now, my life is a mess. I hope that at least you can now get some rest and not have to worry about your problems and all that stuff you worried about. Dad, I hope that you are watching down on us and protect us. I need your guardian when I go to Algeria. Dad you know how much I love my man. And if u had the opportunity to meet him, you would like him even tho he is a Muslim. Dad, I hope that you one day can brag to the other angels up there and say “That’s my daughter”. I will make you proud Dad.  I don’t know how or when but one day I will.


Dad, I hope that you are being nice up there. Or I give God, Allah and everyone permission to slap you. Be kind Oldman. Tell your jokes and play with Sappo and Harley now.  Take a good care of them.

Dad, when it’s my time to go from Earth,  please be standing in front of the gates with your golden wings and your arms open. I’m gonna run up to your arms and hug you but never let you go. Please dad, hold a spot for me next to you so we can be reunited again. I love you Dad and I’m so sad that I never got the chance to say those words to you.

Please protect and guard mom daddy, you know how she feels and how she is. You don’t have to protect or guard me. But please guard my sisters M, A & C and my brother. Also protect and guard your grandkids you were so proud of. O, A, G, D and J. We all miss you Dad. I hope you get your final peace and rest a lot because you know how our dogs were. They need a lot of play time! 


Sorry for this post but I just felt I had to write down a little piece of my mind.



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