2016 | Language

What I’ve learned so far


I’m just posting this just to keep a reminder to myself what I’ve learned so far In Arabic. Who knows, maybe you wanna learn some words 😄
(I think it’s how you pronounce the words. This is how I have learned 🙂 )

Hello – Marhaban
Forbidden – Haram
Stop – Bas
Finish – 5alas (schalas)
Please – Min faDlik
Good morning – SabaaH alkhayr
Good evening – Masaá alkhayr
Good night – tuSbiH alaa khayr
Thank you – Shokran
You’re welcome – aafwan
Excuse me – alaafw
I’m hungry – Ana ja’e
My name is… – Ana esmi…
InshAllah – if Allah wants / in God’s will / if God wants (kinda. I know what it means on swedish)
Kiss – Boussa
What’s your name? – Maa ismuk?
I’m fine, thank you! – anaa  bikhayr  Shokran!
How are you? – Kayfa Haluk?
I swear – Wallah

You say Habibti to a female and habibi to a male. They mean honey / or a cute word for it 😄


I am very glad to meet you
Anaa saiid  jiddan bimuqaabalatak

I hope you have any use for these. I know I have. Haha! More will be added into a list but this is the words/sentences I have learned so far. And iam very excited to learn more!



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