2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos}

A little bit over 4am and some weird thinking.


The clock is a little bit over 4am here in Swedenm I’m so tired that my tears is falling. But still I can not sleep. I have so much energy in my body but on the same time I don’t. It is so weird. There is also a million thoughts going on in my mind right now. . So many that it feels like I can’t sort them out you know. I really need a file box,  I don’t know what it calls but the things the FBI and police has for the papers and documents. Lol! I need a spring cleaning in my head! 😂 WOW.  Did I just really say that? Yes I did. Crazy crazy!

Some thoughts that’s going on over and over in my head is how I’m gonna be able to lose weight before I go to Algeria? Which color on the suitcase should I buy? Do I need to buy a suitcase or can I borrow one from one of my friends? Is there any ketchup in Algeria and Ikea?  What type of shoes do I need when I’m there? Is it to early to plant flowers outside? Will the sun stay or will it start snow again? How can trees die on the winter and cone back alive on spring? Is it like they are freezing themself ? And so much more. You see guys how much I need to spring clean my head. It’s really weird tho how your brain works. Worse part is…it doesn’t help with the massive headache that I’m having. Ugh 😧 I have had headache for over three weeks now, around the clock, day in and day out. 24 hours, seven days a week. Yeah you guys get it. Nothing works tho. Ah well.. I’m gonna try to get some sleep. Hopefully I can fall a sleep without having some crazy thoughts. It’s like my brain is playing a prank on me. Exhausting yet funny. Because I never know what shows up in my head. Some night thoughts are really crazy.

When ever I have something funny thoughts to share, I will. It’s quietly interesting and funny..

I remember one thought I had when it was Halloween last year.. I was thinking of buying Halloween decoration and fishing line. The Halloween decoration was a skull with bat wings and black “dress” with evil laugh and red eyes that was lightning up. I wanted to use a fishing line and tie from my side of the apartment to the tree and to my neighbor on the other side and I would pull in the line and have the skull on and it would look like it was flying.. just to make my neighbor scared. I didn’t do it tho but I really wanted! So crazy!

I love Halloween and hopefully this year I can do something crazy!

Now the clock is 4.11am and I’m gonna try get some sleep.  Stressful day tomorrow 😧 I do not look forward to it.

Goodnight, xoxo


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