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Good morning!

Good morning every one of you cuties out there!  I hope everything is good with you all. Here in Sweden it is around nine ish in the morning. I wonder what time it is at you when you read this. Please comment and also write what country you are from. Would be very fun to see 🙂

Today on the agenda, it says that I’m gonna clean, do laundry and celebrate my niece who’s birthday was yesterday but she wasn’t home so we are gonna celebrate her today instead. How fun! Tho I can’t really eat sweets etc because I’m on a healthy trip before my actual trip. Lol. I’m working out, walks etc a lot. Tho lately it has been a little bit to much sugar but hey, one day fall back is the next day success. So one day at the time. What’s on your agenda today? Or maybe it’s the evening or night at you? Comment and tell me about your day. I read and I respond. Fun!

I know I may sound like a weird girl but like I have written, this is my little positive corner on the Internet where I can write down what ever I want. Haha! So I hope that you guys can “stand out” my dorkyness and weird stuff.

I gotta start getting ready to start clean. But first..I’ll try get some food/breakfast in my stomach. I’m trying to change and eat breakfast again. Wish me luck!



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