2016 | video

Calm day?

Having your mother sleeping over at your place can be very stressful. And very nerve-racking. Why? Because she doesn’t know all the things I have bought so far for my trip and a lot more. Do I need to say that she isn’t really happy about this trip? Wow I just said it. Haha! Well let’s continue.. so having your mother spend nights over at your place is really a massive test for your headache and every single nerv in your body. I may over react but my best friend knows what I’m talking about. Holy moly!

But so far so good. Nothing bad has been said so far about the trip or so. So let’s hope that it continues like this and everything will be OK. Haha.

So sorry that I can’t blog anymore right now.  I must get ready, and fix makeup so I look good when I go over to my brother and celebrate my niece today.

With me luck! I share a crazy video I recorded via snapchat this morning. Haha. Have fun and comment what you think of the video.

Hopefully it works. If not.. I share this photo instead 🙂



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