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I caught myself!

Hey cuties! How are you all today?

I have to tell you guys one crazy moment that just happened to me! Haha! I was fixing dinner and I didn’t realize that I was saying all the words and the few sentences I have learned on Arabic. … to myself! So crazy. I was in my little bubble and I was so happy. Haha! I can’t stop think of my trip to Algeria, how I finally will reach my ultimate happiness. Meeting a super close friend I have known for nine years. Nine crazy long years!

It’s kinda crazy how you can go from talking swedish to Arabic all off the sudden. If my family would hear me, they would flip out. They aren’t really happy for me that I’m going there.

In this blog, only so you know. I will post stuff that irritates me and stuff I get to hear while counting down to my trip. I hear so much crazy stuff. Ugh 😧 some people right?

I hope you guys don’t mind that. But I feel like I need to write everything about the trip, plans etc.



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