2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos}

Miss Santorini

Hello and welcome to my little place here on WordPress. I have had blogs on here before but really, I have never kept them alive but hopefully I will keep this one alive.


My name is Emma Santorini  and I’m a girl with a massive dose of humor and craziness! I’m turning 26 years old this summer.


In the blog I will post stuff that I have uploaded on Instagram @littlemissemma 《 don’t forget to follow me. I will also post things that I like and I give credits. Things that capture my eyes and attention is all types of diys, makeup, beautiful photographies, cute and sweet things and a lot more. You will also be able to follow my journey to my very first trip / vacation to the beautiful country Algeria. I will create a special category for Algeria preparation and when I am there is will have a special category named “Algeria 2016” . Wanna follow my countdowns and plans etc? But also see amazing stuff and things? Click on the follow button and don’t forget to comment and I will answer back.


Let’s have some fun and welcome to stay 🙂




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